Louisiana parents, you need to be heard

The Geaux Talk campaign gives Louisiana parents and caregivers the tools to start conversations about sexual health at home and to contact their school board members about including comprehensive sex education (CSE) in their child’s school curriculum.

61% of Louisiana parents surveyed believe their child has received or will receive sex education in school.

In reality, it’s likely kids are not receiving any. Medically-accurate, fact-based curriculum in schools could help improve the overall health of Louisiana’s youth.

Question the Curriculum

9 out of 10 Louisiana parents surveyed want their children to be taught:
  • How to deal with peer pressure to have sex
  • How HIV/AIDS and other STDs can be prevented
  • Other topics related to sexual health like the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS & STDs

Get the conversation started

More than 80% of Louisiana parents believe their kids should be educated about the following to empower them to make informed decisions about sex:
  • Self-esteem building
  • Healthy relationships
  • Peer pressure

What do parent’s want?

87% of Louisiana parents want their children to learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Parents want their teens to be a part of positive, healthy relationships while also having the tools to identify damaging habits and strategies for removing themselves from harmful situations.

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84% of Louisiana parents agree the basics of puberty and reproduction should be taught in schools.

The survey showed that, while parents want to feel in control of what their teens are learning, there are some topics they are unsure about. Medically-accurate, age-appropriate lessons in the classroom can help support the talk parents are having with their teens at home.  Let your school board know

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