Parents & Caregivers

Realities of the World

  • 90% of parents and caregivers across Louisiana agree that today’s youth should be educated in schools to make informed decisions on issues like abstinence and birth control.
  • 74% of parents and caregivers hope that their children will wait to have sex until marriage, but believe that if they don’t wait they should know how to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

The Power of Community

Geaux Talk is focused on bringing everyone together – from parents and caregivers to policy makers and interfaith leaders – to support comprehensive sex education in their communities. The foundation of comprehensive sex education is understanding one’s changing body and having respect for it. No matter your role in the community, you can help to guide young people to positive examples of healthy, fruitful relationships. You are a vital community teacher of comprehensive sex education.

We are all in this together

Parents and caregivers across the state, REGARDLESS of religious and political beliefs, recognize the value of sex education to address the challenges faced by young people.

As members of your community, here are some specific things you can do to help:


Get involved